Sunday, June 3, 2007

It was a good day to run...

...Wide open down a two-lane highway

It's about time that some things went my way

Throwing troubles out to the wind

And prayin' that they never catch up again

I'm gonna say my worryin' days are done

This looks like a good day to run....

I survived. It hurt. But I loved every second of it (alright, that's a lie. I loved MOST seconds of it). Came in around 4 hours 8 minutes. I will post all the gory details here soon. Stay tuned!!! So much love to all of you for the amazing support!

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Darla said...


Congratulations you did it!! YOU ARE AWESOME!! You were on my mind all day yesterday.

As you know I have lost someone very special to me to Leukeumia. Thank you so much for raising so much money for such a great cause.


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