Monday, April 30, 2007

4.28.07: The Lowdown

Miles run: 20!

Amount of time if took for me to run 20! miles: 3 hours, 17 minutes, 53 seconds

Approximate number of steps I took to run 20! miles: Somewhere in the neighborhood of 16,000

Number of stops for water, snacks, and encouragement from teammates: 5

Number of salt packets consumed: 1. Ick. (Note: Salt is much more enjoyable when paired with french fries and/or tequila.)

Number of times I thought I might die: None! Zero! Zip!

Number of very sore knees the next day: 2

Number of very sore muscles following the 20 mile run: There are about 640 muscles in the human body... so, ummm... that many.

Number of times I uttered the phrase "I cannot believe I'm running 20 miles": At least 147

Number of cruise ship passengers crowding the trail in Monterey on Saturday: About eleventy thousand. Roughly.

Number of near collisions due to very crowded rec trail: Too many to count

Quantity of food consumed following 20 mile run: Probably enough to feed a small African village

Total "Caroline moment" during 20 mile run: Nearly faceplanting into a mound of iceplant. I am the personification of gracefulness.

Hours of sleep required to return to human-like state after 20 mile run: About three.

Number of times (before this weekend) that I'd thought I could ever run 20 miles: NEVER

Mindset following 20 mile run: Unabashedly, wildly proud of myself.

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